A Nice Frozen Treat!

Updated: May 9

Hello, my name is Austin Gero, a 3D Modeler, and Artist at Mental Liberation Studios. In this post, I would like to showcase to you one of my artworks. "Nice Frozen Treat".

For this piece, I wanted to celebrate the weather starting to warm up with a 3 scoop 3 flavored Ice Cream Cone with fudge, sprinkles, and a cherry on top! Overall the piece was an easy fun project and I highly recommend trying to create one as well! The best place to grab an ice cream is at my favorite ice cream parlor, "Smyth's Ice Cream!" Located in Enfield, CT as one of the oldest parlors in town.

Check out more details about how I created this frozen treat below!

The progress:

I modeled this delicious frozen digital treat from scratch using a 3D modeling software known as "Blender." "Blender" is a software that allows the user to create digital 3D models from props to characters. Which in this case, some ice cream!

(Example of References)

To make the ice cream, I used a sphere and sculpted it into the shape of scooped ice cream. Then I made two duplicates and stacked them up on top.

I highlighted the top ice cream scoop faces and duplicated them to sculpt out the chocolate sauce.

I used a cylinder model and highlighted the bottom face, and poked the face to create the pointed end of the cone. This technique is much more efficient if you want the textures to come out with more desirable details.

To make the sprinkles, I used a cube and turned it into a rectangle. Duplicated them and placed them above the chocolate sauce.

For the cherry on top, I used a sphere and downsized it.

Once I was finished modeling, I exported the FBX model into "Substance Painter" to texture it. "Substance Painter" is a software that allows the user to import any 3D model, and add textures to it. The user can give the textures as much detail as they like to make it stand out.

For the cone, I downloaded from "Adobe Substance 3D Assets." A site where you can download any textures from "Adobe Substance." If you have an account for "Adobe Substance," you can download any textures for free.

When I finished the textures, I imported them into Blender and exported a glb file of the model, and imported it into "OpenSea."

You can check it out on "OpenSea" at: https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/48529686663812883287405951370811948293235099978005927170308454555509030125569

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