Intro to Audio Design Programs

This is a quick intro into 2 audio design programs that ML Studios used for sound design for our games

There are multiple different program options for Sound and Music. The main program this doc will be focusing on will be Pro Tools as it is industry standard as well as what we use primarily at ML Studios.

Pro tools is a subscription based product with a lifetime purchase option as well

Here is an example of the Pro Tools UI

This project uses audio recordings, a media sample that was imported, and midi instrument tracks.

These are your basic track types.

Midi instrument tracks can be edited in the piano roll and can use a bunch of different instruments.

When you import audio files you can edit them by length, volume, filters, etc.

Recorded audio can be edited in the same way as imported files

All tracks can also use inserts which allow you to put modifiers such as pitch shifters, reverb, chorus, limiters, etc.

Importing recordings is as simple as dragging a .WAV file into the audio track you have created. It has to be a WAV file. There are many free online converters to change MP3s etc. into wav files.

When creating a track you can also choose stereo or mono tracks. Most midi tracks you will want to have as mono and can pan them to either side to still have that stereo feel.

This is the FMOD base UI. FMOD is a program that allows for interactive music integration into unity. It allows for interactive music and sound that has many more capabilities than unity based sound.

You can use regions to do different things like loop and transition. Using markers you can mark different regions and go to them seamlessly using transitions and transition regions.

Using FMOD also makes it much easier to put this stuff into unity because it only takes some simple scripting and the FMOD plugin for unity.

You can also add full automation and effects onto your tracks in FMOD


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