Creating and Selling Custom Products With Printful: 101

Updated: May 16

Printful is a Free to use Online Platform that allows anyone to start their own online store and create custom merchandise using their intuitive platform and dropshipping services. You only pay when you sell an item and your products are manufactured on demand.

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There are 5 main steps to setting up and selling T-Shirts with Printful

  1. Find Your Niche and Audience Figure out a specific group of people that you will be targeting with your shirts and designs. You don't want to have to broad of an audience as this causes multiple problems when it comes to designs, scaling, etc. The best way to find your niche is to look at why you are creating these specific shirts and designs. The why will attract certain people and get you your base audience.

  2. Choose a T-shirt Model Choose a shirt model that will best fit your audience and what quality you are going for. There are multiple options on Printful that offer different positives: price point, colors, cuts, styles, gender-specifics, etc.

  1. Create Your Design The design is the most important part when it comes to your audience and this is where they will connect the most although there is more than just the base design that goes into this. Make sure you use the tools Printful provides to place and size your design in the way that will appeal most to your niche audience. For example, one audience may prefer a small pocket design whereas others may prefer a large full shirt design.

  2. Prepare Store for Customers Figure out your prices and shipping options according to your audience and the profit margins that would be most suited for your situation. Also, make sure you have multiple color options and sizes to give your customers options when shopping. In Printful you can also see which variants are available and which aren't at the time.

  3. Get Your First Sale The best way to get sales for your shirts would be to go through different social media and create an online presence. You can also boost this presence through ads, Printful itself has a built-in option for creating Facebook ads.

There you have a simple breakdown of the main steps that are required to start selling T-shirts through Printful.



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