Pixel Ball

Pixel Ball

Pixel Ball is a 2.5D arcade style dodge-ball game where users play as various characters from the pixel ball universe in order to battle each other in a 1v1 dodgeball match where the goal is to KO the other player 5 times. Collect the 6 Golden Balls and Grant Each Characters' wishes. Players then compete in The Pixel crypto e-sports events to earn prizes such as merch, NFTs, and cash!





Action, Sports, Fighting, Indie


PC / Browser


1-2 (online)


Welcome to the Pixel, athletes from all over the world compete in 1v1 dodgeball combat tournaments where two players attempt to KO each other with throwable objects.

Pixel Ball is a competitive game that is the cornerstone of our New Esport Franchise called "The Pixel".

The Pixel is a 24/7 online event that enables players to compete for prizes within the Game Pixel Ball. The Pixel hosts various tournaments through the Game Pixel Ball using NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens.

Special Tournaments are hosted for holders of Pixel Ball NFTs, giving our community chances to earn prizes from our NFT sales.

Legend has it that if anyone collects all 6 Golden DodgeBalls, they get a free wish. Anything they could imagine, from riches to fame, or even world domination. Even just having one grants someone the skills to be one of the best dodgeball players in the world!

Everyone is after the Golden DodgeBalls, with the only way to earn one is to defeat the owner in a Pixel Ball Match. Pixel Ball became a huge sport with amazing athletes from all over the world attempting to win all 6.

  1. Face-Off vs Other Players in an intense game of Dodgeball. The first to hit the other player 5 times wins.

  2. Run, Jump, Catch, and Throw your way to victory in an alternative-fighting game.

  3. Players Select a Character and a Dodge Ball to play in a 1v1 dodge ball match. Each Character and Ball has different effects and stats that affect the game.


Coming Soon!